Reconnecting spaces of the Natura 2000 Network with living sheeptrails

Relevance of the project actions

The first sampling campaign social in the study areas of the LIFE CANADAS
may 27, 2020
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The first sampling campaign social in the study areas of the LIFE CANADAS

You are completing surveys that will enable it to assess the perception and knowledge of the population on the role of livestock as a reservoir of biodiversity, and connecting areas of the Natura 2000 Network, through its use of livestock as a priority.

During the month of February two teams formed by people linked to the UAM and In the back country began an exhaustive work of gathering perceptions, knowledge and feelings from surveys designed for the project.

In the Cañada Real Cuenca, from Teruel, spain to Jaén, passing through numerous municipalities and rural villages, researchers have completed more than 300 surveys. For its part, the livestock network of the Community of Madrid, another group of researchers are conducting the same surveys over more than 20 municipalities by the flow of livestock routes in which they will work during the project LIFE STREAMS. Once analyzed and systematized, the data obtained from this study will contribute to a more accurate diagnosis of the place of this heritage in the day-to-day of the villages by which it passes, and determine conservation actions and restoration to perform for the duration of the project. We thank the team responsible for the field work and information gathering that have taken a lot of effort, formed by Raquel Ambrosio, Anibal Valverde, Pedro Natali and Jose Miguel Senso.